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Metal separation with the Metal Kicker without the use of compressed air is cost saving.

Basic information:

The Metal Kicker (metal separator), manufactured by Alrec-Tec makes it possible to separate all kinds of metal from other materials and/or waste. In order to be able to do this in an optimal way, the waste (e.g. shredded material) can be dosed on a high speed sorting belt by means of a vibro through.

At the end of the sorting belt a row of induction sensors are positioned (metal detector, all metal sensor, surface sensor). These metal detectors or metal sensors are able to detect metal parts with particle sizes from 1-2 mm.

Every channel underneath the sorting belt has his own sensor. These sensors will detect every kind of metal and are very sensitive so particles with a size from 1 mm will be detected.

Non-magnetic stainless steel (like AISI 304, AISI 316 like it is used in ironmongery, knives, spoons, forks, etc.) and non-ferrous metals will also be detected.

For an Eddy Current machine, also called Non-Ferrous sorter (NE separator/sorter) in general it is difficult to separate this kind of metals and therefore the Metal Kicker can be applied as an extra sorting stage in order to sort these kind of, often non-magnetic metals.

The metal parts are kicked out of the waste stream by means of a row of very effective electrodynamical “kickers”. Every sensor activates his own kicker.

In case of bigger and heavier parts several kickers will work simultaneously making it possible to handle heavier materials.

This technique doesn't need the investment of an air compressor and will reduce the, rather high, operational costs significantly which normally go along when a compressed air system is in use.

Practically no turbulence of air will occur which means that in a lot of cases there is no need for an air filter system.

Models range from 400-2000 mm widths.

Basic layout of the machine



Colour sorting:

For colour sorting a camera system is available as an option, making it possible to separate and sort metals and other materials (like plastics) by their specific colour. Also the application of a NIR (Near Infrared) camera system is possible; materials will be recognized by their spectral properties of reflected light.


Possible applications are: waste sorting, plastics sorting, ash processing, waste wood processing, bio digestion, slag recycling, non-ferrous separation, protection of recycling equipment, etc.

More information:

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