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plastics processing

For the plastics processing industry TSKN is representing companies which are well known for quality and knowledge.

Optimizing systems for extrusion brought to you by Plast-Control GmbH
Suitable for blown film extrusion, extrusion and injection moulding.







Improved high efficiency cooling rings

Plastcontrol is manufacturing controlled and uncontrolled cooling systems.
Improvement in output capacity of approx. 30% is achievable.
By means of an active feedback towards the die it is possible to halve the tolerances in thickness of the blown film. Ask for more information.

Control for extrusion systems

As a replacement for older and worn out controls. Especially in the case of older equipment with a good mechanical heart, here you will find a way of updating this kind of machinery.

Together with a measuring system (profile and thickness) you can halve the tolerances in thickness.

This means a second life for older machinery and also being able to fulfil needs of the today's market. Special sensors are available for films with a large amount of EVOH.
Also we have special solutions for "sticky" films.

Gravimetric dosing systems

Accurate dosing e.g. for the blown film industry with "end of order" option which enables you to calculate the amount of material, needed to complete the order. We call it Material Minimizing Control. No waste of raw material after completing the order.