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plastic processing, plastic recycling, bulk handling

Technical bureau TSKN is supplying services, equipment and materials for plastics processing, plastics recycling (i.e. PET, PET bottles, technical plastics, PE, PP, film, etc.) bulk handling (for the plastics and food sector).

For these markets we act in a close cooperation with a number of well known suppliers with activities worldwide.

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Recycling Plastics processing Bulk handling  

Washing plants Optimising systems for Filling, discharging  
Recycling plants Film extrusion Mixing, Screening,  
Grinding equipment Drying Grinding  
  Compounding Dustcollection  
Thermoforming Conveying (also of powder)  
  Extrusion Dosing  
  Granulating Weighing  

We do have substantial knowledge on the above mentioned areas. Since we also have a substantial network, any question concerning the above mentioned matters will be at the right place.

If necessary we are able to mobilise extra knowledge at short notice.

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